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Meet the Team: Larry Margagliano, Principal Engineer

Before joining the PVD Products team, Larry Margagliano developed his engineering background in various industries. Considering himself a master engineer, Margagliano has been on the management side of projects as well as implementation. He has experience setting the technical approach, doing the hands-on work, and having the final project sign-off. Below, Margagliano shares what it's like to learn a new technology and key considerations for system design.
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Meet the Team: Larry Scipioni, Chief Technology Officer

Before joining the team at PVD Products, Larry Scipioni got to know the company as a customer. During that time, he took an interest in PVD’s large-scale, high-complexity work, which aligned with his graduate work in thin film deposition. "I'd love to work there," he thought.
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Meet the Team: Bob Sumner, Materials Manager

PVD Products prides itself on its customer service—cultivating relationships with any type of person, whether that be an actual customer, supplier or industry colleague. There relationships are intended to go beyond the individual PVD Products contact to the company as a whole. We recently spoke with Bob Sumner, Materials Manager for PVD Products, who truly embodies this with an extensive history from the customer service, purchasing and manufacturing industry.
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Meet the Team: Adam Shepard, Applications Engineer

It makes us very proud to say that we are Adam's only employer after he had finished schooling 12 years ago. We've watched him grow from a grad student doing research to leading our team as an applications engineer. It's Adam's dedication to this team that has helped to create strong, trusting relationships with our customers. We spoke with Adam about his role in bringing challenging and exciting projects in a wide variety of applications to life.
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Meet the Team: Clark Caplan, Software and Test Engineer

PVD Products is proud of the equipment we produce. But it’s our responsibility to have the users, whether they are in a research lab or production factory, really understand how to take care of and optimize the capabilities of these tools. That’s why we have Clark.
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Meet the Team: Eric Nothnagel, Mechanical Engineering Manager

A wearer of many hats, Eric has experience in engineering, management, and sales support. As a big believer in the power of a team, Eric found PVD Products’ process very appealing from the start. Making a piece of capital manufacturing equipment involves a team effort, from engineering, test and assembly to the end user.
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