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PVD Books Order for an 8" Sputtering System

April 15th: PVD Products books an order for an 8" Sputtering system. This system will include a rotating water cooled stage, loadlock and four 4" magnetrons. It will ship to a top university in China.
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PVD Products Ships 9,000 kg of Unique Thin Film Vacuum Deposition Equipment

April 15th: Today PVD Products shipped 9,000 kg of unique thin film vacuum deposition equipment. This system includes four vacuum chambers with reel to reel transport, two large electron beam evaporation sources, two RF ion sources, and a high temperature substrate heater. All this built to deposit epitaxial buffer layers on 12 mm wide metal tape 1 km long in just 8 hours. This is the largest tool PVD has built to date! We just hope it fits on the plane!
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