custom physical vapor deposition system

Deposition System Design

PVD Products provides complete 3-D solid models of custom deposition system designs as a service for your prototype or custom thin film deposition or vacuum chamber needs.

These services include:

  • Mechanical design using SOLIDWORKS
  • Electronics design for motion control, power distribution, data acquisition, and cabling
  • Software for system control using LabVIEW or specific PLC languages
  • Facilities layout with all necessary requirements such as power, water, process gas, etc.

Custom deposition systems design packages

Our complete custom deposition systems design packages include full Bills Of Materials, part and assembly drawings, and full electrical schematics as required. Full 3-D animation of the system and/or process can also be provided. A design study usually includes a complete and cost-accurate quote for the desired system. If the system is purchased, the cost of the design study is subtracted from the quoted price. Many customers find this approach more attractive than giving several vendors a set of specs and not having a realistic idea of what they will end up buying or if the tool will work.

Custom Picodeon Oy

Photo of a custom-designed multi-chamber PLD tool for Picodeon Oy located in Finland. The system includes a 10-position load lock with elevator, Brooks robot chamber, preclean chamber and deposition chamber with three targets. Also included are substrate heating to 850°C, and a high-power femtosecond laser. This system provides Picodeon with the next generation of ColdAb production-oriented tools for large substrate sizes. See the video and visit to learn more about this system. Picodeon interviewed several PLD vendors before selecting PVD Products for the design and fabrication of this unique tool.

Customize A System

Do you know the specifications you need to reach?
Contact us to discuss a custom system.

Customers Say

Gin Jose | University of Leeds

"PVD is the best in the business for customization. Other suppliers don’t have the expertise to build custom."

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