IBAD Deposition for Coated Conductor Applications

PVD Products provides reel-to-reel coated conductor IBAD deposition systems for the growth of MgO or other types of buffer layers on metal tapes. Using our current in-house technology, we can provide the following two types of IBAD systems for the deposition of MgO.

PVD Products can provide a full range of coated conductor systems for deposition of HTS materials and buffer layers.

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Photo of IBAD MgO coated conductor system based on evaporation with RF ion beam assist and a second growth chamber for evaporation and growth of homo-epi MgO onto heated substrates.

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Reel-to-reel ion beam sputter IBAD deposition system for the growth of epitaxial MgO on properly prepared metal substrates

IBAD Overview

MgO deposition via evaporation and homo-epi film growth

This approach uses a two-chamber system. Each chamber houses one reel along with a large electron beam evaporation unit. The IBAD chamber can includes a linear RF ion source along with complete deposition control, in-situ scanning RHEED, and other capabilities as requested. The second chamber includes a high temperature heater and electron beam evaporation unit for the growth of homo-epi MgO on the metal tape. Tape speeds can vary depending on the system design from about 20 to 200 m/hour.

IBAD MgO deposition via ion beam sputtering

This approach uses two linear RF ion sources. One ion source is used to sputter a large water-cooled rectangular MgO target onto water cooled tape. The second source is directed at the substrate surface at an AOI of 45° to orient the MgO film. Tape speeds will vary from about 5 to 20 m/hour depending on overall system design. Ion source lengths up to 66 cm are available.

Additional Features

Both systems use our field-proven tape transport capability with in-situ tension and speed control and multi lanes when required. All systems come with computer control software and data logging of all relevant deposition parameters. Deposition rate depends strongly on many factors specific to each application.

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