PLD Target Manipulator for Multi Layer Film Growth

PLD Target Manipulator for Multi Layer Film Growth

Growing multiple film layers is easy with a PVD Products multi-target manipulator designed to fit your own PLD chamber. We use a dual-axis Ultra-High Vacuum (UHV) magnetically coupled rotary feedthrough mounted on a single 2.75-inch (70-mm) CF flange. This dual-axis design makes integration into most existing PLD systems rather easy.

Our manipulators can be mounted directly to your chamber port with a "mother flange" ranging in size from 2.75 inches CF (70 mm) up to 12 inches CF (305 mm) in size. Each manipulator is designed with a specified number of target pedestals to hold targets ranging from 10 mm to 200 mm in diameter.

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Motor control

The central axis is motorized and provides continuous target rotation up to 35 RPM. The outer axis provides target indexing and can be operated manually or with a computer-controlled motor. LabVIEW software packages are also available to provide you with an integrated target manipulator laser process control package.

Water-cooled shield

For applications where substrate heating is utilized, we provide a water-cooled top shield on all of our manipulators. This water-cooled shield reduces the radiative thermal load on the targets, as well as the manipulators, gears, and bearings. A slot is cut through the top of the shield to allow the laser beam to impinge on the "active" ablation target and for the plume to expand properly into the deposition region. Water connections are made with all-metal seals for full UHV compatibility.


Custom Target Manipulator

The target manipulators operate from high vacuum to over 1 Torr. They come standard on 1.25-inch diameter SS shafts and can also be fully UHV compatible.

This PVD Products custom target manipulator is designed with four ablation targets, each 50 mm in diameter. It is mounted on a 12-inch CF mother flange at an angle of approximately 30 degrees. This manipulator also has an optional linear water cooled top plate and translation stage so that the target positions can be easily adjusted up to 100 mm from outside the deposition chamber.

Custom target manipulator

Load Locked UHV PLD Target Assembly

The UHV PLD target assembly here is shown with a load lock chamber and translation stage. The translation stage has a 16-inch (400 mm) stroke to extend the target assembly through a gate valve and into the deposition chamber. A quick-access hinged door with a viewport allows for simple entry into the load lock for target replacement.

Motor drives are provided for both continuous target rotation and programmable target indexing or rastering. Similar assemblies can be provided with different sized targets, complete pumping packages, vacuum gauging, or other features as required.

Eight-position target manipulator, 25-mm diameter targets on Z-stage for target changes inside a load lock

Manipulator Close-up

Below is a close-up photo of the head of an eight-position target manipulator assembly for 1-inch diameter targets. The top water-cooled plate is seen along with a removable insert that defines where the laser beam is going to impinge on the active ablation target. This insert can be easily removed for cleaning when required.

Opposite this insert is a larger opening, exposing one of the eight target pedestals, allowing for simple target changes when the head is retracted into the load lock chamber housing. A cover for the opening minimizes target cross-contamination.

Eight-position target manipulator (close-up)

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