Pumping Packages and Vacuum Gauging

The systems typically come with turbo molecular pumps backed by Edwards dry pumps. On most systems, all valves on the system are electro-pneumatic for ease of operation and will automatically close to a safe position on power failure. A standard Mass Flow Control unit (as opposed to a needle valve) provides for precise and reproducible process gas flow during deposition. Systems with multiple MFCs are readily available. Deposition pressure is monitored and controlled using a heated capacitance manometer whose output is fed into a closed-loop VAT gate valve. The desired process pressure can then be accurately controlled from 1 to 500 mTorr. Base vacuum is measured with a Bayard Alpert Ion gauge. The chamber and rough line pressures are also monitored with Convectron gauges.

System Box or Cylinder Max Substrate Size Pumping Package
Nano PLD Box 2” (50.4-mm) 300 l/sec
PLD 2000 Box 2” (50.4-mm) 300 l/sec
PLD 3000 Box 3” (75-mm) 500 l/sec
PLD 4000 Box 4” (100-mm) 700 l/sec
PLD 5000 Box 5” (125-mm) 700 l/sec
PLD 6000 Box 6” (150-mm) 700 l/sec
PLD 8000 Box 8” (200-mm) 1,200 l/sec
PLD 12000 Box 12” (300-mm) 1,200 l/sec
PLD/MBE 2100 Cylinder 2” (50.4-mm) 500 l/sec
PLD/MBE 2300 Cylinder 2” (50.4-mm) 700 l/sec
PLD/MBE 2500 Cylinder 2” (50.4-mm) 700 l/sec
PLD/MBE 2100L Cylinder 2” (50.4-mm) 500 l/sec
PLD/MBE 2300L Cylinder 2” (50.4-mm) 700 l/sec
PLD/MBE 2500L Cylinder 2” (50.4-mm) 700 l/sec
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