PLD System Chambers

PLD Load Lock Compatibility

All PVD Products vacuum chamber and substrate spinner assemblies are completely load lock compatible. Substrates can be inserted into the main chamber through a gate valve using a magnetic transfer arm. 

Our smaller systems including the Nano PLD, PLD-2000, PLD-3000 and all the PLD/MBE systems include our dual-wafer load lock systems. These load locks allow the user to remove one wafer from the deposition chamber and insert a new wafer into the deposition chamber in one pump-down cycle, greatly enhancing the utility of the load lock. Our larger PLD chambers typically utilize a direct transfer mechanism for wafer changes. However, we can provide multi-wafer load locks too.

Systems that include a load lock will achieve base pressures below 5 x 10-8 Torr. With optional UHV packages, pressures below 5 x 10-9 Torr or below are readily achievable.

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