Magnetron Sputtering Source in Action

Magnetron Sputtering Sources

PVD Products manufactures a wide variety of HV and UHV magnetron sputtering sources for various target sizes. The Titan Magnetron sputtering sources range from 1 inch to 6 inches in diameter. These sources can be baked to 200°C with the magnets in place.

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Magnetic Field

Our Titan Magnetron magnetic field design provides excellent film uniformity and target utilization. These sources are based on a modular magnetic array that allows the user to change from balanced to unbalanced sputtering modes in minutes. All of our magnetrons utilize Nd-Fe-B magnets that are isolated from water and are easily field-replaceable. Brazed assemblies isolate the magnets from water so that there is no water-to-vacuum interface, eliminating the possibility of leaks.

Sources and Targets

The sources operate from 0.5 mTorr to over 1 Torr. They come standard on 0.75-inch diameter SS shafts and can also be fully UHV compatible.

A wide variety of source options are available, such as custom-mounting flanges, manual tilt or in-situ tilt assemblies with or without computer control, shutters, chimneys, gas injection rings, etc. Targets do not require backing plates. We also can provide sources for facing target sputtering.

We also offer a full line of power supplies with our sources. These sources can run RF, DC, or pulsed DC modes and can come with Type N, HN, or UHF connections as required.

Three 2-inch Titan Magnetrons

Tilt assembly with scribe lines
Flange-mounted 2-inch magnetron with tilt, chimney, and pneumatic shutter

Customize A System

Do you know the specifications you need to reach?
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