fs and ps PLD Systems

Femto and pico second PLD systems provide efficient coupling to target materials, resulting in very high deposition rates.

PVD Products provides complete PLD systems based on our standard designs including Nano PLD, the PLD/MBE series, and large area PLD systems for fs and ps lasers. These systems are available with a variety of lasers having a wide range of pulse lengths and power levels to meet your specific needs. Our scanning optical trains can be designed to keep the focus spot size constant over the target during laser beam rastering. Large area scanning systems are available for substrates up to 8” in diameter.

The image to the right is a multi-chamber fs/ps PLD system. It includes a 10-wafer load lock, robot handler, pre-clean chamber and process chamber. This system uses a 12 W laser with a 40 fs pulse length. Wafer size is up to 6 inches diameter.

Please contact us with your specific requests for these PLD systems.

Customize A System

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