DC Sputter Magnetron Switch Box 

PVD Products offers a full line of DC/DC switch boxes that allow the user to direct the power from a single DC power supply to one of up to six different magnetron sputter sources.  This provides reduced system cost as fewer power supplies are required for multilayer film growth.  These units can easily be integrated into existing sputter deposition systems to enhance current capability at a fraction of the cost of new power supplies.  Works with all DC power supplies designed for magnetron sputtering.  Switching can be done manually from the front panel, or via computer control.

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DC/RF Magnetron Switch Box

PVD Products can provide RF/DC Switch boxes that allow the end user to run a magnetron with either RF or DC power via computer control. Fully compatible with all vendor RF tuners and DC power supplies. We have built DC power supplies for voltages of 300 Watts through 20 kWatts, and pulsed DC supplies for 1 kW through 10 kW. We also have RF supplies for voltages of 125 Watts through 10 kWatts.


DC/DC Switch Box

Front panel of a three channel DC switch box
Rear panel of a three channel DC switch box

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Bruce Buchholz | Northwestern University

"PVD is genuinely interested in helping me advance my capabilities for thin film deposition with an instrument that fits my applications best."

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