PLD Components for Custom Systems

Our PLD components will be specifically designed for your custom or OEM PLD system, and 3-D solid models will be provided for approval before the manufacture of the customized parts. In most cases, we can retrofit our components to most custom or other OEM systems. LabVIEW software is provided with several of the custom PLD components for easy computer control. Our PLD components are based on the modules we use in our own high quality PLD systems such as the PLD/MBE and Nano PLD tools. Custom products can also be provided for coated conductor deposition systems including substrate heaters, reel-to-reel mechanisms and control with full software, linear magnetrons, magnetron power supplies, DC and RF switches, etc.

PVD has provided a wide array of customized components for PLD around the world. In all cases the components are provided with a full 1-year warranty and PVD Products' strong technical support.

We can also provide technical drawings for you to insert into a design of your own PLD tool.

Custom Components

PVD Products makes several types of PLD components for custom-built or other vendor systems. These include:

Customize A System

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