PLD Production Systems

PVD Products can help with the design and science behind your production coating process, right from the start. Our PLD Production Systems are capable of depositing high quality uniform films on substrates up to 12 inches in diameter.

PLD 8000 Deposition System

The PLD 8000 systems are capable of depositing high quality uniform films up to 8 inches. The PLD 8000 comes with a complete software package and can be used to grow large area multilayer and combinatorial thin films. 

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PLD 12000 Deposition Systems

The PLD 12000 systems provide uniform multilayer films deposited by PLD over substrates up to 12 inches. Multiple small substrates can be accommodated on substrate holders. Our systems use a box-style chamber with easy substrate and target changes.

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Customize A System

Do you know the specifications you need to reach?
Contact us to discuss a custom system.

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