Upgrades & Maintenance

Custom systems that grow with your demands

New materials and emerging applications can create changing demands for your custom deposition system. We work to anticipate future needs in the design process, but oftentimes, retrofitting and adapting your current PVD system can be a cost effective way to add capacity and capability as you need it.

Our team of experienced engineers and technicians is fueled by creative problem-solving to find the best solution to your unique system demands…before the build, or years after. In fact, we’ve been supporting custom deposition systems in the field for over 20 years.

Talk with us to explore retrofitting or additional options that can expand your capabilities, including:

  • Sputtering, magnetron, or e-beam source
  • IM source or evaporation source
  • Load lock
  • Custom fixtures
  • Diffusion cells
  • Substrate heater
  • Optical trains or optical components
  • Ion beam

Hardware upgrades are nearly as infinite, and we’re happy to work through your needs and explore options.

PVD at Northwestern University PLD facility

Northwestern University

PVD has supported Northwestern University's PLD facility through the design and build of their first system, and upgrades to accommodate a programmable shutter to vary thicknesses of film, and custom targets. PVD is currently working on Northwestern’s next system.

"It’s not a situation where the supplier sells you something and says ‘see ya later,’ but rather ‘let us see if we can make this work better for you.’ PVD isn’t a 'here today for the sale, gone tomorrow for the service' type of company."

Bruce Buchholz
Manager, Pulsed Laser Deposition Facility, Northwestern University

Looking simply to troubleshoot a system or to maintain a vacuum chamber's integrity?

Your maintenance needs will vary widely depending on your system, thickness of films, and deposition system usage. PVD custom systems that are deployed in production environments running 10 hours a day may be best maintained daily, while others in research facilities running nanometer-thick films a few times a day would benefit from a 3-6 month maintenance program. PVD engineers will work with you to determine the right protocol for you, and be here to support it.

Request maintenance or ask about a maintenance program.

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