R&D systems

R&D Systems

By researchers, for researchers

PVD Products doesn’t just assemble tools. Our background in thin film coatings allows us to fundamentally understand and support the deposition process for your specific application in a way that standard capital equipment manufacturers cannot. Our team of engineers, led by Dr. James Greer, actively collaborates with some of the top universities and research labs in the world to design and deploy systems that support prominent research.

You’ll find PVD Products in labs like:

MIT        Northwestern University        University of LEEDS        Duke University        NASA

PVD Systems

Many research facilities have an abundance of graduate talent to build their own deposition systems. Why work with PVD? PVD is forward thinking, designing systems that meet your current research needs with an eye to emerging requirements. Universities and labs often choose PVD over DIY due to cost, time, and quality considerations.

  • Opportunity cost of graduate students and transitioning the project
  • Committed, experienced cross-functional engineering expertise
  • Flexible role—whether design, build, deploy or maintain, our team is here to help

PVD Products can provide a wide range of deposition systems. These systems can contain multiple deposition sources including ion beam and magnetron sputter guns, electron beam evaporation units, effusion cells, as well as laser deposition capabilities. Ion sources for IBAD and substrate pre-cleaning can also be integrated into our systems. Substrate planetary or rotation stages can include heating to temperatures in excess of 750°C depending on substrate size and materials.

Systems can be operated manually or via computer control. Substrate heaters and manipulators can be designed for nonstandard substrate shapes and sizes. Load locks are available for substrates up to 8 inches (200 mm) in diameter.

We’re committed to delivering systems that work in your lab. PVD will work with you to accommodate your budgetary cycles, timeline, and footprint, and to coordinate and collaborate at every step.

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Customize A System

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