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PVD Products stands behind the production thin film coaters who are enabling some of the most promising technologies on the market today. PVD Products has contributed to the thin film deposition and vacuum processing industries for over 20 years. Our custom thin film deposition systems allow us to design solutions to improve your end user’s product performance.


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Why custom?

There are many standard deposition systems on the market today from well-regarded capital equipment manufacturers. Why go custom? Our customers turn to PVD for solutions when their requirements demand:

  • Deposition systems designed to perform and protect a proprietary coating recipe
  • Repeatability and ease of use by technicians, with custom software to match your process
  • Scalable systems that can be retrofitted or adapted as your needs change
  • Need to modify deposition systems to maximize throughput

We can help with the design and science behind your production coating process, right from the start.

PVD Products can provide a wide range of deposition systems. These systems can contain multiple deposition sources including ion beam and magnetron sputter guns, electron beam evaporation units, effusion cells, as well as laser deposition capabilities. Ion sources for IBAD and substrate pre-cleaning can also be integrated into our systems. Substrate planetary or rotation stages can include heating to temperatures in excess of 750°C depending on substrate size and materials.

Systems can be operated manually or via computer control. Substrate heaters and manipulators can be designed for nonstandard substrate shapes and sizes. Load locks are available for substrates up to 8 inches (200 mm) in diameter.

We’re committed to delivering systems that work in your facility. Your timeline and footprint matter, and we’ll work with you to coordinate at every step.

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Customize A System

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