PLD/MBE 2100, 2300, and 2500 Systems for Epitaxial Film Growth

PVD Products' PLD/MBE 200 Series systems offer the user a wide choice of features that cannot be matched by any other PLD systems on the market today. Our PLD/MBE 2100, 2300, and 2500 systems are designed specifically to grow epitaxial films, mono-layer by mono-layer film structures, and/or combinatorial thin films and can easily be integrated with a wide variety of other deposition techniques and sources such as magnetron sputtering, effusion cells, ozone generators, and atom or ion sources. These unique systems allow the user to utilize a number of deposition techniques in one small package to grow unique film structures.

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Turn-Key Tools

PVD Products' PLD/MBE 2000 Series deposition systems are complete turn-key tools that provide the user unsurpassed capability with ease of use, service, and strong technical support. Our tools are built to provide the user with the ability to grow high quality films for decades to come with a minimum of problems.


Back side view of a PLD/MBE 2500 system at University of Nebraska, courtesy of Dr. Christian Binek. The PLD/MBE 2100, 2300, and 2500 systems allow the user to add a wide variety of optional deposition technologies such as magnetrons, atom or ion sources, effusion cells, etc.


The PLD/MBE 2100, 2300 and 2500 systems can handle wafers up to 50 mm in diameter. Shown here is a PLD/MBE 2100. This system is fully HP RHEED compatible and can include a single magnetron, effusion cell, atom or ion source, etc. The system comes with full software and can provide combinatorial thin film growth.


Customize A System

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PLD/MBE System Features


All of our PLD/MBE 2000 Series systems utilize our unique lamp-based substrate heaters.  The open architecture of these heaters is fully high pressure RHEED compatible, providing RHEED patterns at pressure of 150-200 mTorr or higher in oxygen or other background gasses. Each system has a target manipulator to handle six 2-inch diameter targets. 

Intelligent Window

All systems come with integrated optical trains that include our unique Intelligent Window (IW).  The IW keeps your optical beam path clean for extended periods of time, which becomes very important for load locked and UHV systems. The Intelligent Window also provides a means of measuring the laser beam energy that has gone through the entire optical train and is about to hit the active target, thus providing reproducible deposition rates.


Our PLD/MBE 2100, 2300, and 2500 systems are fully compatible with our dual-wafer load lock, which provides the ability to remove one wafer and insert a new wafer onto the heater stage in the deposition chamber with only one pump down cycle, significantly cutting sample turn-around time. 

Deposition Software

The full series of PLD/MBE systems comes with a current model Dell laptop computer with a user-friendly LabVIEW™ interface. The software provides complete control over all the system functions, including the laser and most other options. The software can also provide data logging for all relevant parameters for each deposition. Deposition recipes can be stored, recalled, and modified. The software also includes the ability to grow combinatorial thin films.


All systems come with integrated optical trains, facilities such as water distribution, compressed air, and dry nitrogen regulators, and a power distribution box wired for your local electrical code. 


 Each system has a target manipulator to handle six 2-inch diameter targets. 

PLD/MBE System Workflow

PLD/MBE Deposition Options

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