Thin Film Deposition Services

PVD Products provides thin film deposition services, including magnetron sputtering and PLD, for R&D applications such as combinatorial deposition and new materials development. We realize you may be planning your research or production expansion and need the equipment, but approvals and lead times are difficult to coordinate. PVD is committed to working closely with you from design and custom deposition system build through installation to:
Coordinate timelines
Communicate facility needs for deposition systems
Reduce lead time with our needs discovery process
So you’re ready when your system is ready.

Sputtering Services

PVD Products provides custom sputtering services for single or multiple small substrates or single wafers with up to 6-inch diameters. Our custom in-house sputter deposition tool can adapt a variety of sputter source heads for single-layer deposition, multilayer deposition, and co-deposition. We can provide DC, RF, or pulsed DC power sources along with RF substrate bias prior to or during deposition and heating in excess of 300°C. This system is capable of growing metals, oxides, nitrides, carbides, etc.


Combinatorial Thin Film Deposition

Our sputter system also allows us to provide combinatorial thin film deposition of multiple test pad samples on one wafer. Using our unique setup, PVD Products can provide co-deposition onto multiple pads of 1 cm square (or other sizes) of varying composition, grown at different substrate temperatures and/or RF bias levels. This tool provides for quick analysis of desired compositions and optimal growth conditions of new materials.


Electron Beam Evaporation and IBAD Services

PVD Products has a dual ebeam evaporation tool for deposition of a wide variety of materials. The system includes two 25 cc multi-pocket Telemark ebeam sources and a single Telemark TT-10 10 kW DC power supply with dual outputs. With this configuration we can do single source or co-deposition. The chamber is pumped via a CTI 10 cryo pump with a base pressure of 1 x 10-7 Torr. The evaporation system also includes an RF ion source for ion beam assisted deposition (IBAD) on substrates as large as 200 mm in diameter. Various size substrates can be handled depending on customer needs.

PLD Deposition Services

Using our in-house PLD/MBE 2300 system, PVD Products can provide custom PLD deposition services for substrates with up to 2-inch diameters. Multilayer films, combinatorial films, or single-layer films can be easily grown. Our in-house PLD/MBE 2300 includes a Coherent COMPex 205 excimer laser that provides up to 30 Watts of power. Substrate heating up to 950°C is available along with two UHV magnetron sputter sources and RF and DC power supplies.


Immediate Deposition Service Needs

PVD keeps several custom deposition systems at hand for coating test runs, materials trials, or short-term coating runs. If you have immediate demands for deposition services, we are often able to accommodate. We may have a deposition system that could serve your short-term needs while your custom deposition system is in production. PVD is able to offer deposition services only if your needs fit within the confines of our existing tools. For extensive development contracts, your service costs may even result in a credit toward the cost of your custom deposition system.

What Our Clients Say


“PVD has a good response time. They’re always aware of what can and can’t work, and willing to do exploratory projects.”

John Smythe, Advanced Technology Lead, Micron Technology

Since all of our depositions systems are custom, we may not have a system in our facility that will fill your needs, but it never hurts to ask! Check out what we are working with right now:


PLD/MBE- 2300 Pulsed Laser and Sputter deposition tool in our service lab

Dual Evaporator

Electron beam deposition tool with ion beam assist in our service lab

PVD is committed to your unique deposition requirements, not just before delivery, but also during and after. Learn more about planning for installation and our ongoing service and maintenance.

Customize A System

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