Coated Conductor Sputter Deposition Tools

PVD Products provides a full range of reel-to-reel sputtering systems for deposition of buffer layers for HTS CC applications such as CeO2, LaMnO3, and homoepitaxial MgO. We have a wide range of product offerings for sputtering systems including:


Coated conductor sputter tool

Sputter Deposition Systems

PVD Products’ sputtering tools are field-proven deposition systems for R&D and production of up to 1 km lengths of tape. These systems can be used to deposit epitaxial layers of CeO2, LaMnO3, homo-epitaxial MgO and other buffer layers onto heated substrates (up to 850°C). They can also be used to deposit Ag over-layers onto cooled substrates. Tape widths can vary from 4 to 12 mm in a multi-pass type deposition system or in much wider widths such as 40 or 100 mm wide formats depending on customer needs.

If you already own a coated conductor system, coated conductor components are also available.


Our sputtering systems have been designed for both R&D and production of buffer layers for long lengths of tapes up to 1 km. This computer controlled reel-to-reel system will meet your most demanding deposition requirements and is compatible with a wide variety of metallic tape compositions, widths, and thicknesses. PVD also provides other types of deposition systems for coated conductor applications, including PLD, IBAD, and evaporation.

Customize A System

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PVD Products’ sputter coated conductor reel-to-reel tape system showing the deposition zone with three linear sputter sources, multi-pass mechanism, and heater assembly

Reel-to-Reel System

  • Tape velocity programmable from below 0.5 m/hour to over 300 m/hour depending on process
  • Forward and reverse directions
  • Programmable closed-loop tape tension and tape speed
  • Reel spool ID/OD: 150 mm/330 mm.
  • Tape widths from 4 mm up to 10 cm wide
  • Idler-mounted encoder monitors the actual tape velocity
  • Only the backside of the tape comes into contact with the idlers


Chambers and Frame

  • Three-chamber design for one material
  • Single or multiple magnetrons – RF/DC/Pulsed DC capability
  • Various size magnetrons and targets available
  • Multi-layer chamber designs for simultaneous deposition of two buffer layer materials
  • Box-style chambers with front-mounted hinged doors
  • Easy reel insertion and tape spooling

Substrate Heaters

  • PVD can provide a variety of heater widths and lengths that match your specific application. Heater blocks can readily reach temperatures of over 950°C and have preheat zones for fast moving tape
  • Multi-roll contact heaters are also available
  • Variable target-substrate distances are provided for process optimization

Pumping, Vacuum Gauging and Pressure Control

  • Pfeiffer 1,200 L/sec turbo drag pump for R&D or CTI 400 cryo pumps for production
  • Base pressure below 5 x 10-7 Torr
  • Programmable downstream closed-loop pressure control
  • Heated capacitance manometer, ion gauge, and two convectron gauges
  • Multiple MFC’s available

Computer Control System

  • Laptop computer with large flat-panel display
  • User friendly LabVIEWTM software interface
  • Complete system control and data logging
  • Recipes can be stored, recalled, and easily changed


  • Power distribution box
  • Water manifold with flow switches
  • Pressure regulators for both chamber venting and pneumatic valves

Coated Conductor Components

Coated conductor components, such as custom linear magnetrons and targets, substrate heaters, and reel-to-reel transport systems, are also sold separately.

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