Deposition Software Design

A customized vacuum deposition system requires customized software to control the hardware, to acquire the data, and to interface with existing laboratory equipment. For every system we build, we work with you to design a software package that meets your needs, current and future. We use the flexible LabVIEW™ platform with a programmable logic controller (PLC) to create a customized user environment that is built on a standardized foundation, while also enabling users to adapt the controls and data acquisition as future requirements and capabilities are needed.

Examples of software control include:

  • Complete control of pneumatically actuated vacuum systems
  • Thin film recipe generation for various types of systems (sputtering, evaporation, IBAD, PLD, CVD, others)
  • MFC software
  • Pressure control
  • Temperature control software for heating and cooling systems
  • Control and operation of a wide variety of lasers
  • Motion control of internal or external components
  • Full data logging of all relevant parameters written to a .csv file

Customize A System

Do you know the specifications you need to reach?
Contact us to discuss a custom system.

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