Substrate Heaters

PVD Products has designed substrate heaters for various vacuum applications based on all types of heating elements, including IR lamps, Inconel sheathed resistance heaters, PBN-coated graphite heaters, resistive wires such as platinum, molybdenum, tantalum, and tungsten, as well as electron beam bombardment heaters. We can design heaters of various sizes and shapes that work in a variety of different background gasses, including oxygen, over a wide pressure range. We have made heaters for PLD, magnetron sputtering, evaporation, with RF and DC bias, etc. We also make unique heaters for coated conductor applications for the growth of YBCO and related buffer layers. These can be both contact or non-contact heaters as required.

Left: Inconel slug heated to 850°C via diode laser

Right: Inconel sheath heater for load lock bake-out


Substrate Heater Quotations

To obtain a quotation for your specific heating requirement, please tell us about your application. Be sure to describe:

  • the size and material of the substrate you would like to heat
  • the actual substrate temperature that you need to achieve
  • the design of the vacuum system into which the heater will be integrated
  • what, if any, background or process gas the heater will encounter and the pressure

Depending on your specific requirements, we can provide heaters with substrate rotation, linear translation, and/or electrical bias.

Customize A System

Do you know the specifications you need to reach?
Contact us to discuss a custom system.

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