Coated Conductor PLD Systems

PVD Products is the world leader in providing complex coated conductor reel-to-reel systems for deposition of HTS materials and buffer layers. We have sold multiple R2R units based on PLD, sputtering, IBAD, and evaporation, and have developed Solution Deposition Planarization products with iBeam Materials.

Many of these systems have been sold to repeat customers. PVD Products is willing to have detailed discussions with potential customers about their current CC requirements. We can help you develop realistic specifications and provide you with a tool to meet your specific deposition requirements.

Generation II PLD Coated Conductor

PVD Products provides a wide variety of PLD coated conductor deposition systems for your specific applications. These include the following:

  • PLD deposition systems for REBCO and buffer layers
  • Multi-pass systems
  • Black-body substrate heater
  • Closed-loop tension and speed control
  • Multi-plume capability
  • Multi-zone heater

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PVD provides various types of deposition systems for coated conductor applications, including sputtering and evaporation. Applications include:

  • IBAD deposition systems for MgO templates
  • Magnetron Sputtering systems for CeO2, Y2O3, LaMnO3, Ag; single or multiple sources
  • Solution deposition planarization
  • Combination systems

Customize A System

Do you know the specifications you need to reach?
Contact us to discuss a custom system.

PLD T1000 Coated Conductor

The PLD T1000 coated conductor deposition tool has been designed for both R&D and production of long-length YBCO High Temperature Superconducting tapes and buffer layers to 1 km in length. This computer controlled reel-to-reel system will meet your most demanding deposition requirements and is compatible with a wide variety of metallic tape compositions, widths, and thicknesses. PVD also provides other types of deposition systems for coated-conductor applications, including sputtering and evaporation.


Chambers and Frame

  • Three-chamber design
  • Box-style chambers with front-mounted hinged doors
  • Easy reel insertion and tape spooling

Reel-to-Reel System

  • Tape velocity programmable from below 0.5 m/hour up to 300 m/hour depending on process
  • Forward and reverse directions
  • Programmable closed-loop tape tension
  • Reel spool ID/OD: 150 mm/300 mm.
  • Tape widths from 4 mm up to 12 cm wide, with multiple lanes available to enhance deposition rate
  • Idler-mounted encoder monitors the actual tape velocity
  • Only the backside of the tape comes into contact with the idlers

Substrate Heaters

  • PVD can provide a variety of heater widths and lengths that match your specific application. Heater blocks can readily reach temperatures of over 900° C and have pre-heat zones for fast moving tape.
  • Multi-roll contact heaters are also available
  • Programmable target-substrate distances are provided via motorized Z stage for either heater design for process optimization

Target Manipulator

  • Unique target motion minimizes plume tilting
  • Multiple target carousel with targets up to 200 mm in size
  • Targets protected via water-cooled shield
  • Fast target indexing for quick target changes in less than 10 seconds

Optical Train

  • Complete AR coated optical trains provided
  • Programmable Intelligent Window for extended deposition time
  • In-situ fluence monitor
  • Optical trains for either 248 nm or 308 nm
  • Enclosed in a laser safe box
  • Multi-plume optical trains available

Pumping, Vacuum Gauging and Pressure Control

  • Pfeiffer 1,200 L/sec turbo drag pump
  • Base pressure below 5 x 10-7 Torr
  • Programmable downstream closed-loop pressure control
  • Heated capacitance manometer, ion gauge, and two convectron gauges
  • Multiple MFC’s available

Computer Control System

  • Laptop computer with large flat-panel display
  • User friendly LabVIEWTM software interface
  • Complete system control and data logging
  • Recipes can be stored, recalled, and easily changed


  • Power distribution box
  • Water manifold with flow switches
  • Pressure regulators for both chamber venting and pneumatic valves

Coated Conductor Components

Coated conductor components, such as target manipulators, substrate heaters, and reel-to-reel transport systems, are also sold separately.

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