PVD Products’ complete thermal and electron beam evaporation systems are designed to meet the customer’s specific deposition needs. These systems can contain single or multiple thermal sources, multi-pocket e-beam sources, and multi-gun sources as required. Linear e-beam sources are also available.

Our evaporation systems come complete with power supplies, sweep controls, and quartz crystal deposition rate monitors for closed-loop feedback control. Additionally, these systems can be operated manually or via computer control.

Download E-Beam Evaporation Systems Brochure

Power and ion sources

Systems come complete with power supplies and deposition rate monitors for closed-loop feedback control. Substrate planetary or rotation stages can include heating to temperatures in excess of 900°C depending on substrate size and materials. Kaufman, End Hall, and RF ion sources for Ion Beam Assisted Deposition (IBAD) or substrate pre-cleaning can be easily integrated into our deposition chambers.

Pumping packages

All of our evaporation systems come complete with appropriate pumping packages (cryo or turbo pumps depending on system requirements), wet or dry mechanical pumps, manual or electro-pneumatic valves, all necessary vacuum gauges, complete power distribution, electronic rack, water and air manifolds, safety interlocks, etc.


Additional Equipment

Multi-wafer planetary domes and substrate heaters can be provided for various substrate shapes and sizes. Load locks are available for substrates up to 8 inches (200 mm) in diameter. Vacuum systems can be designed with base pressures below 10-9 Torr.


PVD Products currently has a refurbished production electron beam evaporator available for sale. Please see the description here, and contact us to discuss the opportunity.

Customize A System

Do you know the specifications you need to reach?
Contact us to discuss a custom system.

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