RIR PLE System

Resonant IR Pulsed Laser Evaporation systems are designed to deposit polymer materials using resonant IR absorption bands of organic compounds. The system can come with a wide range of tunable IR lasers. The system can be configured to work with MAPLE targets as well as solid polymer targets. The chamber, based on our small Nano PLD system, typically handles 2” diameter substrates and comes with a full software package.


The RIR PLE Process

By tuning the wavelength of the laser, the system's operator is able to couple to specific vibrational bands of organic materials to provide very strong coupling to the target material. This can yield high deposition rates with little target damage, especially for polymer materials. This process can also be used with MAPLE targets.

RIR PLE Chamber Design

PVD Products’ VIS/NIR RIR PLE/MAPLE system is built around our popular Nano PLD chamber with large hinged front door for easy substrate transfer and access to internal components. The system includes a complete enclosed optical train and laser beam rastering, turbo pump package and laptop computer control utilizing LabVIEW software. Various lasers with different tuning ranges are available. A wide variety of standard options are offered as well.

Customize A System

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Maximum Substrate Size

One 3-inch or 2-inch wafer or multiple small samples, with larger and custom substrate holders available on request

Target Number and Sizes

Typically 2-inch diameter for solid targets, 1.5 inch for single MAPLE target, or other arrangements available on request

Operational Wavelengths

~680 to 2400 nm

Maximum Substrate Temperature

300°C is typical, but other heaters or substrate cooling stations are available on request

Target to Substrates (Throw) Distance

Variable from 2.5 to 5 inches

Operating Pressure Range

Base pressure to 200 mTorr, may depend on solvent mix for MAPLE targets

Base Pressure of Main Chamber

P < 5 x 10-7 Torr guaranteed with system at room temperature and no polymer targets

Customers Say

Bruce Buchholz | Northwestern University

"PVD is genuinely interested in helping me advance my capabilities for thin film deposition with an instrument that fits my applications best."

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