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What the duck?

If you look carefully at any of our equipment photos, you will find a small rubber ducky placed somewhere on the deposition tool. These ducks have become PVD's informal mascot, and we include one of our ducks with every deposition system that we ship. We often tell clients that the machine is free, but the duck costs $1,000,000! You may be wondering, what on earth do ducks have to do with thin-film deposition equipment? Well that’s a funny story.
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Why Early Facility Planning Pays Off

Purchasing a new deposition system involves much more than deciding on the right process, developing performance requirements, and defining system specifications. In the end, the equipment has to GO somewhere.
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Six Reasons to Have Your Custom-Designed Vacuum Deposition System Professionally Built

When your research needs are not met by catalog options, a first impulse might be to build your own custom-made vacuum deposition system. When you “Do It Yourself (DIY)” you get exactly what you want, right? Not necessarily.
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Meet the Team: Eric Nothnagel, Mechanical Engineering Manager

A wearer of many hats, Eric has experience in engineering, management, and sales support. As a big believer in the power of a team, Eric found PVD Products’ process very appealing from the start. Making a piece of capital manufacturing equipment involves a team effort, from engineering, test and assembly to the end user.
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