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Customer Application Spotlight: Northwestern University's Pulsed Laser Deposition Core Facility

At PVD Products, we work with each of our customers to ensure that they get a custom-made deposition system that meets their individual needs while conforming to their budget and schedule requirements. We are highlighting how some of our customers use our products in unique and creative ways. We kick things off with an interview of D. Bruce Buchholz.
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Top Factors to Consider When Working with Dangerous Coating Materials

If your laboratory or manufacturing site anticipates working with toxic or highly reactive species, then thorough planning is required prior to purchasing and installing a thin film deposition tool. This planning should happen well before completing the instrument design, as it is difficult and expensive to retroactively address safety issues.
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Four Tips to Reduce the Cost of Your Custom R&D Deposition System

At a fundamental level, the specifications for a specific thin-film coating will drive the overall requirements for a vacuum deposition system. Wise choices early in the concept phase will reduce the overall cost of a coating system without sacrificing the throughput or film quality.
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Why Early Facility Planning Pays Off

Purchasing a new deposition system involves much more than deciding on the right process, developing performance requirements, and defining system specifications. In the end, the equipment has to GO somewhere.
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