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Why Early Facility Planning Pays Off

early-facility-planning-pvd.pngPurchasing a new deposition system involves much more than deciding on the right process, developing performance requirements, and defining system specifications. In the end, the equipment has to GO somewhere.

Preparing a facility for the installation of a large, complex scientific instrument requires hundreds of decisions and actions. Often those steps are neglected until the last minute, and the results can be catastrophic. Here are five reasons to put advanced effort into planning and preparing your facility.

1. Your system will fit through the door

Fitting your system through the door may seem obvious, but it is a largely underrated factor. Nothing is more crushing than having a system not fit through the door on the day of installation after months and months of anticipation. When planning for your facility, it’s important to know the size limitations throughout the facility your system will occupy. Don't forget stairways and elevators! If your entryways are too small, planning ahead will allow your team enough time to widen them!


2. You can avoid unexpected costs

Depending on the customization and size of a system, the design and test phase before installation can take several months. This period gives your team ample time to check all of the water, gas, and power requirements for your facility. Come the day of installation, all costs will already have been taken care of. Our team works with you to uncover these requirements, but it’s your job to prepare your facility ahead of time to avoid surprise costs.


3. You can develop a trusting relationship with your supplier early on

PVD is not the type of supplier that just builds your equipment. We are there every step of the way to meet your unique product demands. We visit our customers on-site to develop a conceptual design to define space constraints, as well as discuss the physical requirements customers may overlook. Our team realizes that this type of supplier relationship requires a deep sense of trust, so the earlier we can meet to discuss how everything will come together in your facility, the better for the success of the project.


4. You will have time to perfect your work space

Following our visit to your facility, we develop drawings that outline all the specifications and requirements for your unique installation. Early planning at this stage lets you envision how you want your new deposition system to integrate into your existing workspace. Perfecting the layout for your equipment and work stations can be the most enjoyable part of the project, so have fun envisioning and preparing your new facility. Knowing exactly where everything will go in advance prevents panicked rearrangement later.


5. You can start your project on time

There are hundreds of details that must be ironed out before installation. Aside from the more obvious technical issues related to equipment specifications, there are often administrative hoops that require months of advanced coordination such as safety inspections, labor contracts, and building licenses. Having to stop development to address an overlooked facility requirement disrupts the project momentum and often has a ripple effect that delays other aspects of the installation. Early facility planning keeps everything on schedule.

To learn more about facility requirements and preparation for your deposition system, download our free eBook, “Choosing a Thin Film Deposition System,” which includes our Facility Consideration Checklist and much more.

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