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APS Show, Boston

PVD Products will be displaying its PLD/MBE 2300 with sputter capability at the upcoming APS show in Boston, February 27th through 29th, at booth #635. Please stop in to see us.
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PVD Products Ships dual chamber IBAD system based on Evaporation

PVD Products shipped a dual chamber IBAD system to a major Coated Conductor provider this week. The system includes two evaporation chambers and is based on the work developed by Stanford and LANL. The system includes complete tape transport, RF ion beam precleaninig, a large IBAD deposition zone with multi-track capability, scanning RHEED in-situ film evaluation, and a Homo-Epi deposition chamber with a multi zone substrate heater. The system is fully computer controlled. This system adds to the list of various thin film coated-conductor deposition tools provided by PVD Products.
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Kurchatov Institute Chooses PVD Products

PVD Products has received an order for a PLD reel-to-reel coated conductor tool from the prestigious Kurchatov Institute in Moscow Russia. This system will use PVD's multilane and multi plume process for high rate growth of REBCO materials and buffer layers along with its unique XYΘ target manipulator. The system is designed to handle tapes up to 200 meters in length. PVD has sold multiple units of these reel-to-reel PLD systems around the world. PVD Products is a manufacturer of thin film deposition tools for coated-conductor applications as well as standard substrates.
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