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Dr. Rick Myer Joins PVD Products as Technical Sales Manager - Sputter Systems

PVD Products has hired Dr. Richard Myer as its Technical Sales Manager for PVD’s Sputtering Product Line of thin film deposition systems. Dr. Myer received his Ph.D. in plasma physics from the University of Rochester and has leveraged his background in plasma heating in the sale of plasma processing equipment for PVD, CVD, and Etch while at Applied Science and Technology and ENI. Dr. Myer has also worked at commercializing a variety of technologies involving high voltage solid state power systems at Diversified Technologies, Inc., (Bedford, MA) and atmospheric pressure plasma processes at Atmospheric Plasma Solutions, Inc. (Cary, NC). Dr. Myer’s hands-on experience with plasma technology and plasma processing will assist our leading-edge customers in configuring PVD systems to meet their processing needs.
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Shanghai Jiao Tong University selects PVD for a R2R Coated Conductor Sputtering System

Shanghai Jiao Tong University has placed a purchase order for a large reel-to-reel sputter deposition systems with PVD Products. The sputtering tool will include multiple linear RF sputtering sources for the deposition of CeO2 and other buffer layers onto 1 km lengths of 1 cm wide tape. The tool will make use of PVD's multi-roll technology and large-area substrate heaters. This system will operate at very high tape speeds providing high throughput for this application. SJTU has placed many previous orders with PVD Products for large R2R coated conductor technology.
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