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Large Deposition System Purchase Order

PVD Products announces that it has received yet another large purchase order for the deposition of thin MgO buffer layer material on 1 cm wide metallic tapes for the subsequent growth of HTS materials. This IBAD coated conductor system is based on ion beam sputtering from a large MgO target with an ion beam assist source. The system will use multiple lanes of 1-cm wide tape and provide in-situ RHEED analysis of the growing material with tape lengths up to 1 km long. This is the third system purchased by this customer over the past few years indicating strong confidence in PVD Products capabilities to provide complex coated conductor deposition technology.
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PicoTech Represents PVD Products in Israel

PVD Products has selected PicoTech as its new representative in Israel. Dr. James Greer says that PicoTech brings both strong sales, service, and technical support to its customers and should be a perfect fit for the type of equipment that PVD Products sells.
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