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Six Reasons to Have Your Custom-Designed Vacuum Deposition System Professionally Built

customize-deposition-systems-pvd.pngWhen your research needs are not met by catalog options, a first impulse might be to build your own custom-made vacuum deposition system. When you “Do It Yourself (DIY)” you get exactly what you want, right? Not necessarily.The difficulty with DIY is that the product quality is limited by your own expertise and resources. What are the advantages of having thin film deposition experts design and build your custom coating instrument?

1. Latest science

Thin film vapor deposition is a rapidly advancing field, driven by accelerating demand for new and innovative coating methods and materials. There may be better ways to achieve your performance goals. Expert designers and builders can make sure that your system utilizes the latest technology.


2. Build environment

Assembling a vacuum system requires fastidious attention to detail—something as small as greasy fingerprint can affect vacuum quality. Professionals have the training, tools and facilities to build the best quality system and do it quickly. It also ensures that the assembly process is thoroughly documented.


3. Component Reliability

A faulty vacuum system component can cause damage to the instrument at least. It may even pose a safety hazard to you and your fellow researchers. Professional coating system builders have long-standing relationships with trusted vendors when sourcing parts and professionals will have the facilities and knowledge to test critical components before they are incorporated into the system.


4. Installation

There are many factors to consider when installing a vacuum deposition system. These include issues such as electrical power sources, water lines, working space, safety standards, and even “obvious” things such as the size of doors and hallways. All installation concerns need to be addressed early on in the design phase or you may end up needing to make expensive alterations on the instrument and in the work space. Vacuum deposition experts will recognize what work site features are critical to consider when developing an installation plan.


5. System Performance

The performance of a deposition system depends largely on the knowledge of the builder. An expert can squeeze every extra bit of performance out of a deposition system and can also ensure that the instrument will maintain that performance level once it is in use.


6. Product support

When you build a deposition system yourself, it’s up to you to fix it. That can be time-consuming and frustrating, especially if the system components and assembly process were not well documented. Expert assembly also ensures expert  service and repair by a support team that already understands how your custom system operates.

Working with a thin film deposition system manufacturer like PVD Products, we don’t think you should have to compromise. You have all the advantages of a custom-designed and professionally-built physical vapor deposition system without the frustration. For more considerations for selecting a deposition system, exploring customization options, and preparing your facility for installation, download our eBook, “Choosing a Thin Film Deposition System.”

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