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Service After the Sale: Extending the Life and Function of Your Custom Deposition System

At PVD, installing a custom deposition system at a customer’s facility signals the beginning—rather than the end—of that customer relationship. We’ve been known to return months and even decades later to upgrade or service a tool, expanding the utility of our thin film deposition systems.



A deposition tool that at one point met your needs may not be as useful as requirements and applications advance. PVD can develop unique modifications to help your system keep up. For example, our team can:

  • Increase the tool’s throughput
  • Add functionality for a new application
  • Develop new software and conduct training for new users
  • Re-install tools in new locations

For instance, PVD supports a major US semiconductor device manufacturer that purchased a unique combinatorial deposition system. Besides providing upgraded software, PVD now provides the integration of an electron beam and IBAD capability to the system.

This is just one example of sustained system improvement. Here are three other times our advanced coating experience enabled us to upgrade customers’ existing tools.

Troubleshooting & Maintenance

Regular maintenance is critical to the quality of films you grow and the longevity of your deposition system or tool. PVD engineers work with customers to establish a plan for maintenance and ongoing support.

Your maintenance needs will depend on a variety of factors:

  • Type of system – Whether it's a production or R&D application, PVD's engineers will work with you to explore different options and determine the best options for increased capabilities.
  • Thickness of films – Research facilities running nanometer-thick films will require less frequent maintenance than those of production facilities running thicker films.
  • Deposition system usage – PVD custom systems that run 10 hours a day might require daily maintenance, while those that run just a few times a day could be maintained every 3-6 months.


Thinking about upgrading your deposition system? Not sure if you’re getting the most out of your tool? Contact our team to discuss options.


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