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Production Reel-to-Reel Coated-Conductor tool was purchased today

PVD Products has received an order today for a production Reel-to-Reel Coated-Conductor tool.  This multi-chamber deposition system will be used for the growth of amorphous and epitaxial oxide layers typically deposited onto Hasteloy metal tapes, 10 or 12-mm wide and 1-km long, prior to the deposition of the ReBCO materials.

PVD Products has previously supplied this customer with other such R2R tools for CC applications.  PVD Products has sold numerous R2R tools over the last 10+ years based on magnetron sputtering, PLD, and IBAD/evaporation and IBAD/sputtering to several of the key companies/labs in the CC industry most of which have been repeat customers for PVD Products.

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