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PVD Products Licenses Technology from The Ohio State University for Exclusive Deposition Technology Development

The-Ohio-State-UnivPVD Products, Inc. is proud to announce our entrance into an exclusive licensing agreement with The Ohio State University for thin film deposition technology developed in the University’s Department of Physics. Through this agreement, PVD will commercialize patent-pending Ohio State technology for deposition of high quality thin films via sputtering.

A leading manufacturer of custom thin film deposition systems, reel-to-reel deposition equipment for the coated-conductor market, and combinatorial deposition tools for rapid process development, PVD has extensive experience working with universities and supporting their research needs. "The ever-accelerating pace of materials discovery is driven by performance demands in several markets, and new methods in thin film deposition enable such research," says Dr. Larry Scipioni, Chief Technology Officer of PVD Products.

According to Ohio State’s Dr. Fengyuan Yang, inventor of the method, "This innovative technology based on off-axis sputtering has been demonstrated to grow epitaxial films of a broad variety of complex oxides, Heusler alloys, and intermetallic compounds, with state-of-the-art crystalline quality that rivals that of MBE and PLD grown films. This capability enables the development of novel materials and devices that demand high quality materials in research communities including physics, chemistry, materials sciences, and engineering as well as industry research and development."

"PVD Products is excited to serve the materials research community by adding this new capability to our existing line of high quality sputtering systems,” says Dr. Scipioni.

Check back for more updates on the development of the technology and the project's progress. 

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