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PVD Products to Build ColdAb® Series 4 System for Picodeon Ltd.

April 10th, Picodeon Ltd Oy Finland:

Picodeon Ltd Oy introduces a new era in Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD) manufacturing process, by introducing the world's first automated Cold Ablation PLD production system; Picodeon ColdAb® Series 4.

Picodeon Ltd Oy has developed a new thin-film coating equipment to enable the volume manufacturing process of PLD. In cooperation with PVD Products, Inc. located in Wilmington MA, USA, Picodeon releases its new ColdAb® Series 4 thin film deposition system.  Picodeon selected PVD Products for this key project due to their expertise in complex deposition systems including large-area PLD.

The ColdAb® Series 4 system provides an industrial scale coating production of 4" - 6" wafer size, having new fully automated manipulation process of the substrates to pre-clean chamber and to the main Coldab® coating chamber.  The deposition chamber includes many of the unique features that have been developed by Picodeon, using the patented ColdAb® process which enables a large-area thin-film coating deposition using a high power picosecond laser.  This has not been possible before in this scale, as conventional PLD has low productivity compared to Picodeon's ColdAb® process.

The design of the ColdAb® Series 4 system includes the optional capability to deposit materials continuous length of tape 100 mm in width and over 50 m in length using a reel-to-reel process.

The first system will be available December 2013.  Picodeon will utilize the system to further commercialize new applications based on patented Nicanite®, a graphitic carbon nitride material.  Beside that of Nicanite®, the system provides multi-layer deposition capability for a wide variety of materials including oxides, nitrides, metals, several composites and temperature-sensitive polymers with high through-put. Picodeon has several years of experience delivering thin-film applications with wear resistant, low friction, catalytic, diffusion barrier, biocompatibility, thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity thin-film properties.  The new ColdAb® Series 4tool includes a 10 wafer loadlock providing very fast cycle times for high throughput applications.

Picodeon Ltd Oy, established 2005, is a nanotechnology company specialized on thin film coatings and surface treatments with its patented Coldab® Ultra-Short Pulsed Laser Deposition (USPLD) process. Picodeon provides equipment, solutions and services for their clients worldwide. Picodeon is located in Ii, Finland.

PVD Products, Inc. established in 2000, is a high quality manufacturer of a variety of thin film deposition equipment for R&D and Production applications located in Wilmington MA USA.  PVD has built many large-area PLD tools for wafers up to 300 mm in diameter, as well as PLD/MBE systems, magnetron sputtering systems, evaporation systems, and systems for coated-conductor applications. 


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