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New Sputter Deposition System Installed

PVD Products has installed a turn-key combinatorial sputter deposition system for 300 mm diameter wafers in a major semiconductor fab. This system includes four PVD Products Titan in-situ tiltable magnetron sputter sources mounted on motorized Z-stages. Each source is connected to both an RF and DC power supply through a programmable RF/DC switch. The 300 mm wafer is transferred to a wafer holder mounted to a vacuum compatible X-Y stage with 1 micron positioning resolution. Co-sputtering from up to four sources through a metal mask creates a well defined pad on the wafer. Using the X-Y stage to step location and using the sources at different power levels and/or varying target to substrate distances allows the deposition of a wide range of varying material compositions in a computer controlled fashion. This system is also mated to a central robot wafer handler.

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