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Large Order From China for a UHV System

PVD Products has received a large order for a UHV PLD/MBE 2500 deposition system from a customer based in China. The PLD/MBE 2500 includes six 2-inch diameter targets on a dual axis rotary feedthrough with water cooled stage, high temperature heater mounted on motorized Z-stage for variable target-to-substrate distance, along with PVD's unique Intelligent Window. This UHV system will incorporate five effusion cells on the back wall of the chamber besides the standard PLD/MBE components. The system also includes a Staib high pressure RHEED package, RF substrate bias, and PVD's dual wafer loadlock. The system demonstrates the unique nature of PVD's PLD/MBE 2000 series that allows the integration of a wide variety of deposition tools such as PLD and effusion cells, atom, ion, or sputter sources all within one package.

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