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Coated Conductor Machine Delivered to Major Japanese Lab

PVD Products delivers its third reel-to-reel coated conductor machine to a major Japanese superconducting research lab. This new PLD system includes an extended length heater providing for much faster tape speeds during the film growth process. This third system is earmarked for the deposition of buffer layers such as cerium oxide at rates of 100 m/hour. The system includes PVD's multi-track capability with a multi-zone heater. It also includes PVD's unique XYΘ target manipulator that handles three six-inch diameter targets. The XYΘ manipulator provides for a constant plume direction for extremely long periods of time. Also the system uses PVD's large coated-conductor Intelligent Window (link to IW here), and full multi plume capability. Both PVD's Intelligent Window and XYΘ target manipulator make it possible to grow 1 km lengths of tape without having to stop deposition and break vacuum to clean optics or resurface targets. The system is mated Coherent STEEL excimer laser to provide high growth rates. The system, once integrated will provide buffer layers on 1-cm wide tapes with a length of 1 km in five hours time. This third sale to Japan indicates the customer's strong confidence in PVD's capabilities to provide a unique high quality product that meets the customer's ever increasing needs.

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