Innovations in Tunable Optical Switches - Dielectric Permittivity in Metals, Semiconductors, and Dielectrics

Presented by Purdue University

This is your limited opportunity to view this important webinar presenting latest advances in Innovations in Tunable Optical Switches. 

This insightful, one-hour webinar is presented by Dr. Soham Sahaat of Purdue University and will help researchers and developers to better understand:

  • Dielectric permittivity in metals, semiconductors, and dielectrics
  • Methods to tailor and tune the permittivity of conducting oxides
  • Controlling the switching speeds of materials and metasurfaces
  • Applications of permittivity modulation in designing optically controlled polarization rotators and photonic time-crystals

Now we’re making the entire one-hour webinar available—including the Q&A session held with the original attendees—for you to view at your convenience.

To view the webinar, provide your brief details and click on the “Watch Webinar” button.

Watch our free one-hour webinar:

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