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PLD Targets

PVD Products provides pulsed laser deposition (PLD) targets for a wide range of applications from ferromagnetic, complex oxides, and superconducting films. Metal targets are offered in various purity levels to suit your specific requirements, with the minimum purity of 99.9% up to 99.99% for some metals like aluminum, copper, and molybdenum, and ultra-high purities of 99.995%-99.9995+% for aluminum, tellurium, titanium, cadmium, silicon and molybdenum.

Target Selection

A wide selection of compound-based PLD targets are available: oxides, nitrides, borides, sulfides, selenides, tellurides, carbides, crystalline and composite mixtures. To achieve the best performance and to prevent the target from cracking or over-heating, we strongly recommend bonding any material target to a backing plate. Target bonding is a critical process, and the exact fabricating method employed can vary depending on the choice of the target material. A properly bonded PLD target will normally give a longer working life than a non-bonded target, may enable the use of a higher power input to achieve faster deposition rates, and will enable thin film process parameters to be consistently repeated.


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Metal PLD Targets

Element Symbol
Aluminum Al
Cadmium Cd
Cobalt Co
Europium Eu
Hafnium Hf
Iron Fe
Magnesium Mg
Nickel Ni
Praseodymium Pr
Scandium Sc
Tantalum Ta
Tin Sn
Ytterbium Yb
Element Symbol
Antimony Sb
Carbon C
Copper Cu
Gadolinium Gd
Holmium Ho
Lanthanum La
Manganese Mn
Niobium Nb
Rhenium Re
Selenium Se
Tellurium Te
Titanium Ti
Yttrium Y
Element Symbol
Bismuth Bi
Cerium Ce
Dysprosium Dy
Germanium Ge
Indium In
Lead Pb
Molybdenum Mo
Palladium Pd
Ruthenium Ru
Silicon Si
Terbium Tb
Tungsten W
Zinc Zn
Element Symbol
Boron B
Chromium Cr
Erbium Er
Gold Au
Iridium Ir
Lutetium Lu
Neodymium Nd
Platinum Pt
Samarium Sm
Silver Ag
Thulium Tm
Vanadium V
Zirconium Zr

Compound Pulsed Laser Deposition Targets

Boride Targets
Cr2B, CrB, CrB2, Cr5B3, FeB, HfB2 ,LaB6, Mo2B, Mo2B5 ,NbB, NbB2, TaB,TaB2, TiB2,W2B, WB, VB, VB2, ZrB2
Carbide Targets
B4C, Cr3C2, HfC, Mo2C, NbC, SiC, TaC, TiC, TiCN, WC, W2C, WC+Ni,WC+Co, VC, ZrC
Fluoride Targets
AlF3, BaF3, CdF2, CaF2, CeF3, DyF3, ErF3, HfF4, KF, LaF3, PbF2, LiF, PrF3,MgF2, NdF3,ReF3, SmF3, SrF2, NaF, Cryolite Na3AlF6 , YF3, YbF3
Nitride Targets
AlN, BN, GaN, HfN, NbN, Si3N4, TICN, TaN, TiN, VN, ZrN
Oxide Targets
Al2O3, Sb2O3, ATO ,BaTiO3, Bi2O3, CeO2, Cr-SiO, Cu2O,ITO,CuO, Cr2O3,Dy2O3,Er2O3, Eu2O3, Gd2O3, Ga2O3, GeO2, HfO2, Ho2O3, IGZO, In2O3,ITO, Fe2O3, Fe3O4,LaAl2O3, La2O3, LaSrMnO3, PbO, PbTiO3, PbZrO3,LiNbO3, Lu3Fe5O12, Lu2O3, MgO,MoO3, NiO, Nb2O5, Nd2O3,PZT (PbZrTiO3), Pr6O11, Pr(TiO2)2, Pr2O3, Sm2O3, Sc2O3,SiO2, SiO,SrRuO3, SrTiO3, SrZrO3, Ta2O5, Tb4O7, TeO2, ThO2, Tm2O3, TiO2, TiO,Ti3O5, Ti2O3, TiZrO3, SnO2, SnO, WO3, WO2.9, V2O5, YAG, YBCO,Y3Al5O12, Yb2O3, Y2O3, ZnO, AZO, ZnO:Al, ZrO2(unstabilized),ZrO2-5-15 wt% CaO)
Selenide Targets
Al2Se3, Sb2Se3, As2Se3, Bi2Se3, CdSe, CuSe, Cu2Se, Ga2Se3, GeSe, In2Se3,PbSe,MoSe2, MnSe, NbSe2, TaSe2, WSe2, ZnSe
Silicide Targets
Cr2Si, CrSi2, Co3Si, HfSi2, FeSi2, MoSi2, Mo5Si3, NiSi, NbSi2, Nb5Si3, TaSi2,Ta5Si3,TiSi2, Ti5Si3, WSi2, WS2, V3Si, VSi2, ZrSi2
Sulphide Targets
As2S3, AgS, Ag2S, Bi2S3, CuS, Cu2S, Sb2S3, CdS, FeS, GaS, GeS, In2S3,PbS, MoS2,NbS1.75, TaS2, SnS, WS2, ZnS
Tellurides Targets
Al2Te3, As2Te3, SbTe, Bi2Te3, CdTe, CuTe, GaTe, Ga2Te3, GeTe, PbTe,MoTe2, NbTe2,As2Te, TaTe2, SnTe, TmTe, WTe2, ZnTe
Antimonide Targets
AlSb, CdSb, GaSb, InSb, In2Sb3, NiSb, PbSb, SnSb & ZnSb
Arsenide Targets
Cd2As2, GaAs, InAs, PbAs, SnAs, ZnAs2 & Zn2As2

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