The Fabrication of Advanced Photonic Devices via Thermal Evaporation

This is your limited opportunity to view this important webinar—free.

In June 2019, PVD Products sponsored a educational webinar by two distinguished researchers and faculty from MIT on the fabrication of advanced photonic devices via thermal evaporation. The webinar was extremely well attended and well received.

Now we’re making the entire one-hour webinar available—including the Q&A session held with the original attendees—for you to view at your convenience. This is a limited opportunity.

In this one-hour presentation, Anu Agarwal, PhD, and Juejun (JJ) Hu, PhD, provide valuable insights to help you:

  • Gain insight into the fabrication and characterization of novel photonic devices
  • Understand the compatibility and integration with silicon wafer-based processing
  • Learn about new applications in detectors for imaging, sensors and surface optics
  • Better understand the use of chalcogenide materials in vapor deposition

This insightful webinar will be made available for a limited time. To view the webinar, provide your brief details and click on the “WATCH WEBINAR” button.


Watch our free one-hour MIT webinar:

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