Deposition Services

Deposition Services

It’s the chicken and the egg. You’re planning your research or production expansion and need the equipment, but approvals and lead times are difficult to coordinate. PVD is committed to working closely with you from design and custom deposition system build through installation to:

Coordinate timelines

Communicate facility needs for deposition systems

Reduce lead time with our needs discovery process

So you’re ready when your system is ready.

PVD keeps several custom deposition systems at hand for coating test runs, materials trials, or short-term coating runs.

If you have immediate demands for deposition services, we are often able to accommodate.
We may have a deposition system that could serve your short-term needs while your custom deposition system is in production. PVD is able to offer deposition services only if your needs fit within the confines of our existing tools. For extensive development contracts, your service costs may even result in a credit toward the cost of your custom deposition system.

What Our Clients Say


“PVD has a good response time. They’re always aware of what can and can’t work, and willing to do exploratory projects.”

John Smythe, Advanced Technology Lead, Micron Technology

Since all of our depositions systems are custom, we may not have a system in our facility that will fill your needs, but it never hurts to ask! Check out what we are working with right now:

A custom deposition system being built in our facility

A custom sputtering system for commercial processes and testing

PVD is committed to your unique deposition requirements, not just before delivery, but also during and after. Learn more about planning for installation and our ongoing service and maintenance.

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