Mechanical Engineer

Level: Senior

Reports to: Engineering Manager


  • May work as a team lead, team member or independently.
  • Concept development – complex mechanical and vacuum systems.
  • Develop performance requirements. Conduct trade-off studies and conduct design reviews.
  • Select and size components and equipment including but not limited to vacuum equipment, drive components, actuators, motion stages, process and mechanical control sensors.
  • Develop test plans and may conduct testing.
  • Create full suite of engineering documentation, including but not limited to detail drawings, assembly drawings, P&ID’s, and renderings.
  • May be required to check drawings and models of other team members.
  • Part creation and management in ERP.
  • Work with vendors. Assist with inspection and vendor selection.
  • Support assembly and testing operations as required.
  • Select OEM components based on design input requirements.
  • When required, perform analyses by FEA/CFD and classical methods. Generate the computations as required for equipment sizing, data reduction, kinematic motion studies, and definition of mechanical utilities.



  • 10+ years of design experience: semi-conductor, vacuum technology, and/or robotics experience preferred: enterprise level capital equipment may be acceptable as an alternate.
    • The engineer must be seasoned enough to be aware of significant factors relating to performance and be able to exercise judgement in choosing the appropriate technical approach as a solution.
    • Creation and management of large assemblies.
    • BOM generation and management.
    • Machine design such as precision multi-axis translation/positioning devices, drives, alignment apparatus.
    • Experience with fluid, gas and vacuum sealing techniques.
    • Piping design for pneumatic, gas, and water systems.
    • Sheet metal design of enclosures, panels, and structural supports.
    • Weldments: frames, machine components, structural components. Vacuum chambers (pressure vessel design acceptable as an alternate), piping, and tubing fabrication.
    • Knowledge of mechanical fasteners and adhesives.
    • Thorough knowledge of manufacturing process related to the above.
    • Knowledge of testing protocols used in equipment validation and development.
  • Documentation
    • Creation of layouts, ability to develop manufacturable products from engineering concepts.
    • Knowledge and experience with design for form, fit, and function.
    • Working knowledge of ANSI Y14.5 GD&T as well as drafting standards such as ANSI Y14, DoD 100.
  • Experience with ECO/ECR process.
  • Experience with ERP Systems
  • Solidworks V15 or higher (preferred)
  • BSME or MSME

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